How To Size Plate Heat Exchanger


  Plate heat exchanger is a new type of high efficiency heat exchangerwhich be consist of series of a certain corrugated shape  metal sheet. Various PHE plates form a thin rectangular channel, then heat exchange happen through the heat transfer plate. Compared with the shell and tube heat exchanger, the heat transfer coefficient is much higher in the same flow resistance and pump power consumption.Tube heat exchanger is gradually replaced by plate coolers in the in the applicable range.And how to size plate and frame heat exchanger.

 1.Looking at the nameplate to get the plate heat exchanger design pressure,design temperature,heat exchanger plate material,heat exchanger gasket material,Number of PHE plates,heat transfer area per plates,heat transfer area,plate arrangement.DRAWING-1.jpg

 2.Measured the plate pack size (L1)to get the plate corrugation depth

 3.Measuring heat exchanger equipment installation size(Take over size,foundation size,relative size for flange end and foundation bolt hole)

 4.Measuring plate heat exchanger equipment dimensions(L/W/H)

 5.Identify the fluid name and position of inlet and outlet (with particular attention to diagonal flow and parallel flow).