How to shutdown plate heat exchangers

  The plate heat exchanger is a detachable heat exchange device composed of many corrugated heat transfer plates pressed by rubber gaskets at How to stop plate heat exchangersa certain interval.When the plates are assembled, the two groups are alternately arranged. The rubber seal slat is fixed with an adhesive between the plates. Its role is to prevent fluid leakage and form a narrow mesh flow path between the two plates. It is pressed into various corrugated shapes to increase the area and rigidity of the heat exchange plate, and can make the fluid form turbulence at a low flow rate to achieve the effect of enhancing heat to shuodown plate heat exchangers?

(1) Slowly close the low-temperature medium inlet valve of the plate heat exchanger. At this time, pay attention that the pressure on the low-pressure side cannot be too low, and then close the high-temperature medium inlet valve to reduce the pressure difference. After closing the low temperature medium outlet valve, close the high temperature medium outlet valve.

(2) When the plate heat exchanger is stopped in winter, the medium of the equipment should be drained to prevent the equipment from freezing.

(3) Only after the temperature of the plate heat exchanger has dropped to room temperature, the clamping bolts can be disassembled, otherwise the sealing gasket is easy to loosen. Remove the bolts symmetrically and crosswise, then remove the connecting short tube and remove the movable end.

(4) If the plate heat exchanger is not used for a long time, in order to prevent the compression deformation of the gasket, the clamping bolt can be loosened slightly, and the gasket cannot slide out automatically.