How to remove heat exchanger scale quickly and efficiently

The plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger assembled from a series of metal plates with a certain corrugated shape. Common water-water plate heat exchangers and soda-water plate heat exchangers will have the How to remove heat exchanger scale quickly and efficientlyproblem of reduced heat exchange efficiency after a period of use. The surface of the stainless steel plate on the water side adsorbed a thick layer of scale. So how can we remove scale quickly and efficiently?

(1) Dosing softening treatment

This method is simple, efficient, and economical, and does not require special water-making equipment. It is a highly practical anti-scale water treatment method. According to the method of dosing, it is divided into correction agent treatment and anti-scaling treatment.

(2) Magnetized anti-scaling treatment

When the water flows through the high-intensity magnetic field, the multi-molecular associations in the water and the ion magnetic field will break up the associations composed of the original singular multiple ions into single or short-bonded associations. They cut the magnetic field lines of the external magnetic field perpendicularly at a certain speed to generate induced current.Therefore, each ion establishes a new magnetic field in the same direction as the external magnetic field, and the adjacent polar ion molecules are compressed and attracted to each other in an orderly manner, which leads to the change of crystallization conditions.The crystals formed in this way are very loose, have poor compression and tensile resistance, are very brittle, and have weak bonding and adhesion forces. They are not easy to adhere to the heated surface to form scale.

(3) Ion bar anti-scaling water treatment  

This method is a new and advanced water treatment equipment. It has good application effects in central air-conditioning systems, hot water circulation systems, and circulating cooling water systems, and has great development prospects.