How to relieve scaling in plate heat exchanger

  Usually,plate heat exchangers use water-water, steam-water, oil-water, oil-oil and other media. Because of the excessive impurities in the How to relieve scaling in plate heat exchangercirculating water used in some factories.The water treatment equipment is not properly operated, and then after cyclic heating, the calcium magnesium carbonate in the water will decompose into calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide precipitates when heated. Some of these sediments adhere to the heat exchanger plates with larger heating rate to form hard scale; the other part is suspended in circulating water and deposited on the heating surface with lower flow rate to form secondary scale.How to relieve scaling in Plate Heat Exchanger?

(1) Plate heat exchangers should not be used in dirty or scaly environments (unless other effective measures are added), and the operating temperature should be controlled at about 50 C or lower.

(2) When the cooling water without softening is used as the cooling medium, the sensitive temperature of calcium and magnesium ion precipitation in the medium is avoided.

(3) It is also very effective for plate heat exchangers to adopt periodic chemical cleaning or disassembly according to different service conditions.