How to reassemble stainless steel plate heat exchanger

  Plate heat exchangers are high-efficiency heat exchange equipment consisting of multi-layer corrugated heat transfer plates at certain intervals, How to reassemble stainless steel plate heat exchangerwelded or compressed by rubber gaskets. What are the precautions for reinstalling stainless steel plate heat exchanger components?

(1) Before reassembling the heat exchanger components, the qualified heat exchange plates, sealing gaskets, heads (head covers), clamping bolts and nuts must be cleaned.

(2) Before the gasket is bonded to the groove, the residual glue in the groove must be dissolved with acetone or other similar organic solvents, and then wiped with a fine gauze cloth.

(3) Using a bristle brush with the same width as the groove of the gasket, apply synthetic resin adhesive to the groove of the plate. Then press in the gasket and flatten it with a flat steel plate for 48 hours.

(4) Dissolve the residual rubber material squeezed out of the groove with an organic solvent such as acetone and remove it.

(5) When replacing the new gasket of the heat exchanger, the positions of the four corner holes of the new gasket should be carefully must be the same as the old gasket.

(6) When one plate of the plate heat exchanger is damaged and there are no spare parts, you can remove this plate and the adjacent plate at the same time, and then tighten the clamping bolt.

(7) When the plate heat exchanger is reassembled, the plates should be alternately rotated by 180 ° for superposition, and there must be no wrong assembly. Repair and replace the plate, should be added to the plate bundle according to this requirement.

(8) The clamping bolts shall be tightened evenly, symmetrically and crosswise. Tighten the clamping bolts until the length of the plate bundle reaches the calculated value.

(9) To prevent the gasket from sticking to the plate, a layer of mixture can be applied to the gasket. The ratio of oil, alcohol and talc used in the mixture is 1:1:2 by weight.