How to produce and protect plate heat exchanger products

  The stainless steel metal plates of the plate heat exchanger are assembled and installed in an inverted mode.This can form a mesh contact, so How to produce and protect plate heat exchanger productsthat the fluid in the channel becomes a mesh fluid.So that the fluid flows from one end to the other end as a unidirectional circulation circuit, or forms a diagonal flow in the opposite direction to achieve the purpose of heat transfer. The method of producing plate heat exchanger products is as follows.

(1) Punching the plates and providing at least one form of hollow truncated cone in each plate

(2) The plates of the plate heat exchanger are installed into corresponding openings of adjacent plates to form a plate assembly.A predetermined gap is maintained between adjacent surfaces of the plates to form a passage through the heat carrier

(3) preparing a solder paste solution based on copper bicarbonate and a nickel salt, the board assembly being immersed in the solder paste solution

(4) The plate assembly to which the solder paste solution is applied is placed in a high-temperature straight-through conveyor furnace, and a copper-based alloy is used to weld and cover the plate assembly during the movement of the plate assembly.

The protection of the plate heat exchanger is as follows: (1) Control the chloride ion concentration in the water to not exceed the standard; (2) Do not use a sharp tool to scrape the scar on the surface of the plate, and do not use a cleaning agent containing hydrochloric acid.