How to operate air-cooled oil cooler correctly

  Oil cooler is a kind of oil cooling equipment commonly used in hydraulic system and lubrication system. The equipment can achieve heat How to operate air-cooled oil cooler correctlyexchange between two fluid media with a certain temperature difference, so as to reduce the oil temperature and ensure the normal operation of the system. We all know the usefulness of air-cooled oil coolers, but a small number of people may cause damage to the equipment due to improper operation. How should the air-cooled oil cooler operate correctly?

(1) The review before launching is indispensable. Check whether the parts are connected accurately and can meet the needs of the work.

(2) Unscrew the screw plug outside the oil outlet of the cooler, then slowly close the oil inlet valve. When the oil overflows, open the oil inlet valve and screw on the screw plug.

(3) Unscrew the exhaust cylinder in the cooler pipeline, and then slowly close the water inlet valve. When the water is full, open the inlet valve and the exhaust cylinder. At this time, the water and oil are in a flowing state. After thermal exchange, the time difference gradually becomes smaller.

(4) When the water temperature drops by 5-10 ° C, open the outlet valve of the icy water and oil, and then gradually open the inlet valve of the cooling water and oil, so that the cooling water and oil are active. Then mobilize the cooling water and flow to maintain the oil output in normal working conditions.

(5) If there is something wrong with the work and you want to suspend the operation, the operation method is to first open the inlet valves of the oil and cooling water, and then open the outlet valves of the oil and cooling water, and then unscrew the screw plugs on the drain and drain ports. Drain the water and oil accumulated in the cooler.