How to manage circulating water to prevent corrosion of plate cooler

  The water quality in the circulating water operation directly affects the corrosion of the cooler. Different supplementary water quality and process How to manage circulating water to prevent corrosion of plate coolerroutes have a great impact on the scaling and corrosion of the circulating water. For example, a customer belongs to the Central Plains region, where the temperature changes frequently, with high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures. The quality of the supplementary water is high alkali and high hardness, and at the same time, a large amount of oil refining and chemical fiber reuse sewage is added. Circulating water treatment takes the process route of adding acid to control total alkali plus calcium hard. From the monitoring of corrosion adhesion data in recent years, circulating water has a tendency to corrode and is accompanied by a certain degree of calcium carbonate and biological slime deposition.

  Our company believes that it is necessary to strictly control the various process indicators of circulating water, especially in terms of hardness, chloride ion, pH value and turbidity. At the same time, the upper limit of various anion and cation indexes is controlled to prevent corrosion and scaling caused by exceeding the upper limit of the process index.We control the quality of recycled water to be stable and reduce the impact of recycled water on circulating water. It is necessary to strictly control the addition of various agents in the system and maintain the indicators of residual chlorine, total phosphorus, orthophosphorus in the range of stable indicators, which can reduce the side effects of corrosion and scale inhibitors and corrosion of pipelines.At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the selection of corrosion and scale inhibitors, select the corrosion and scale inhibitors that are most adaptable to the current circulating water, and implement dynamic management of the pharmaceutical contractors to ensure that the pharmaceutical formulations continue to adapt to the changes in circulating water.At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of starting and stopping and regularly cleaning the pre-membrane to remove the scale and rust on the inner wall of the pipeline and improve the over-flow capacity of the pipeline.