How to make full performance of plate heat exchanger

  The working principle of the plate heat exchanger is that two different media (cold/hot) realize heat transfer through the corresponding material performance of the plate heat exchanger plates, and flow through two different channels A and B to realize the process of cooling medium heating or heat medium cooling. The process of the heat exchanger is assembled from a number of plates according to certain processes and technical requirements of the demanding side. During assembly, the A plate and the B plate are alternately arranged, and the four corner holes of the mesh channel are formed between the plates to form a distribution pipe and a confluent pipe. How to make the full performance of the plate heat exchanger ?

  In order to make full play of the function and superiority of the plate heat exchanger, it should be reasonably calculated according to the characteristics of the central heating system. At the same time, it attaches great importance to the problems of scaling, clogging and corrosion of the plate heat exchanger, and attaches importance to heat transfer. The daily operation management of the device adopts effective measures to reduce the adverse effects of scaling, clogging and corrosion on the heat transfer efficiency and heating effect of the heat exchanger. Of course, we must continue to explore in practice, continue to innovate, effectively solve the problems in the operation of the plate heat exchanger, minimize the incidence of equipment failure, extend the service life of the equipment, and make the plate heat exchanger in the centralized heating system. The value of the application is fully utilized