How to maintain the removable plate heat exchanger

The plate heat exchanger is a detachable device composed of many herringbone corrugated heat transfer plates pressed at certain intervals through rubber gaskets. In order to avoid the occurrence of man-made faults and natural accidents due to improper maintenance, the operation and maintenance of equipment must be strengthened. How to maintain How to maintain the removable plate heat exchangerthe removable plate heat exchanger?

(1) When the heat exchanger stops operating in winter, the medium in the equipment should be released in time or other anti-freezing measures should be taken to avoid freezing the equipment.

(2) If the heat exchanger equipment is not used for a long time, the tightened bolts should be loosened to the specified size to ensure the service life of the gasket and the heat exchanger plate, and then clamped as required during use.

(3) The plate type heat exchange equipment often runs. If it is found that the heat and heat exchange medium flows out, the cause analysis should be performed. If the bolt is loose or elongated due to long-term heat exchange, re-clamp as required. If the gasket is aged, it needs to be replaced immediately. When replacing the heat exchanger plates or replacing the gasket in the later period, it is also necessary to strictly follow the steps.

a. Please measure the clamping size of the heat exchanger with a ruler and mark the order of each plate.

b. Before dismantling the heat exchanger, close the inlet and outlet valves to drain the water in the heat exchanger.

c. After disassembling the heat exchanger movable plate, remove the plates from the side or back, and use a plastic brush to wipe off all the dirty things on the plates.

d. In the process of changing the gasket, the plate must be dried before standing in the groove with glue.

e. After cleaning the heat exchanger plates, put them back in place in the order prepared in advance.