How to maintain the plate type heat exchangers

  The heat exchanger is ideal for heat exchange between liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, compact and light structure, small footprint, wide application and long service life.Then How to maintain the plate type heat exchangers?

 How to maintain the plate type heat exchangers(1) After long-term operation of the plate heat exchanger, the surface of the plate will produce different scales or deposits, which will reduce heat transfer efficiency and increase flow resistance.Therefore, the equipment should be periodically disassembled and inspected for dirt removal according to the actual conditions such as water quality and temperature medium characteristics. The plate can be washed with a brush using a sodium carbonate solution.For a small amount of sediment deposition in the channel or precipitation of debris in the medium, it is also possible to use a short reverse run in the opposite direction of operation to flush out part of the deposit, which also has a good effect.

(2) Damaged plates should be replaced in time. If there is no spare plate, two adjacent plates can be removed if the operation permits, and the clamping size should be reduced accordingly.

(3) When assembling the plate heat exchanger, the plates and gaskets should be kept clean and tidy, and the plates should be assembled according to the product assembly form.When tightening, the stud should be pressed tightly and the force should be uniform. Prevent individual studs from straining the studs and plates too tightly.

(4) The aging gasket should be replaced.When the plate and the gasket are detached, the adhesive of the sealing groove of the plate is washed off, and after being cleaned, it is adhered to the sealing groove with a suitable adhesive to re-bond firmly.

(5) When the plate heat exchanger is stopped in winter, the medium inside the equipment should be drained to prevent freezing of the equipment, and other antifreeze measures can be used.