How to install the air cooler to exert the best cooling effect

  In hydraulic engineering machinery, the air cooler generally adopts aluminum plate-fin cooler whose structure is like the cooling water tank of the How to install the air cooler to exert the best cooling effectengine.According to thermal principles, there are two main factors that affect the heat dissipation effect: (1) heat dissipation area; (2) air flow rate. In practice, other heat dissipation methods can be fully utilized to enhance the cooling effect. When a certain mechanical structure and location are determined, the area of  the cooler is basically determined. To improve the cooling effect, the velocity and direction of air are the focus.

  The installation method of a variety of mechanical equipment coolers is integrated: the air cooler can be installed flat or upright.The drive mechanism (motor or hydraulic motor) can be placed in the upper or lower part of the air cooler when installed in flat installation. For the cooling direction, the mechanism can be driven before the cooler, or vice versa. The specific situation depends on the temperature difference between the equipment and the environment and the emphasis of the designer.The main consideration of the vertical installation method is to take away the hot air through the air cooler. As long as the hot air does not affect other components or the movement characteristics conflict, the freedom of installation is large.The vertical installation is generally installed on the equipment protected by the casing. When the machine is running, the internal temperature of the equipment is higher than the outside temperature, and the heat of the cooler is radiated through the surface of the radiator. At this time, if the external cooling air is from top to bottom, the radiator is removed. Due to the cooling of wind speed, it also makes good use of convection heat dissipation and heat absorption of the radiator. This installation method has its advantages: when the dust in the construction environment is serious, it can effectively prevent the dust from being adsorbed on the fins of the air cooler and reduce the heat dissipation effect.

  In summary, in order to achieve a good cooling effect of the air cooler, the largest heat dissipation area must be used as much as possible; secondly, to increase the heat dissipation wind speed is to be combined with other methods as much as possible.