How To Install Plate Heat Exchanger

How To Install Plate Heat Exchanger

1.Please check all parts against packing list,handle fragile parts with care.Don’t lift the heat exchanger by the nozzles when unloading.This may cause servere damage to the unit and affect its performance.It’s necessary to mount the units on a flat level surface to assure a secure foundation when performing maintenance.

2.Before connecting any piping to the heat exchange,make sure that all foreign objects have been rinsed out the system.In order to avoid sand, oil, welding slag and other debris into the plate heat exchanger which is caused flow channel blockage or plate damage.

3.Make sure that there is enough space between the tightening bolts or spindles and the nearest structure to assure that a wrench can fit without any obstructions.

4.Checking the heat exchanger equipment installation dimensions make sure that inlet outlet position of the cold and hot media are the same as equipment piping.

5.All piping should be connected to the appropriate ports per the production drawing.Make sure that the piping is well supported and connections are made with minimal stress on the nozzles.Some maneuvering may be necessary when aligning the piping.

6.Checking the plate pack size before operation.Installed the Temperature and pressure gauges one the inlet and outlet for heat exchanger cold and hot media.Installed the vent value on the plate heat exchanger to discharge the air or gas during the start up test and operation.