How to install plate and frame heat exchangers

The plate heat exchanger is composed of upper and lower guide bars, fixed pressure plates, movable pressure plates, How to install plate and frame heat exchangersheat exchange plates, plate gaskets, compression bolts and other components. The installation of the plate heat exchanger is determined by its structural characteristics. It is more convenient and flexible to install the plate heat exchanger. Whether it is manufacturing parts to be shipped to the user unit for on-site assembly, or the unit is dismantling the plate heat exchanger in the maintenance equipment After the device is assembled, it must be done in the following order.

(1) Please carefully read the random documents (qualification certificate, material certificate, flow chart, assembly drawing and packing list)

(2) Please check whether the materials of plates, connecting pipes and gaskets are consistent with the corrosion resistance requirements of the medium in the heat exchanger.

(3) Please check whether all the parts are complete according to the drawing, and whether the model and size are consistent with the drawing.

(4) Please clean the gasket groove of the plate, apply the adhesive evenly and then attach the gasket. Then stack the plates neatly together and press a certain weight.

(5) The heat exchanger is assembled according to the designed flow chart and clamped in the prescribed order. When clamping, please pay attention to tighten the nuts in order.

(6) The hydraulic experiment should be carried out separately on one side. The test pressure is 1.25 times the design pressure of the equipment, and the pressure is kept for 30 minutes. Please check all the sealing and welding parts, no leakage is qualified.