How to improve the cooling effect of the plate cooler

  Plate heat exchanger is an ideal equipment for liquid-liquid, liquid-vapor heat exchange. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, How to improve the cooling effect of the plate coolersmall heat loss, compact and lightweight structure, small footprint, wide application, and long service life. How to improve the cooling effect of the plate cooler?

(1) Reasonable process design. Under the same heat load, the plate cooler with reasonable process design can not only obtain a small heat exchange area, but also save investment. The unreasonable design of the process not only increases the equipment operation cost, but also causes non-reverse flow of hot and cold media between the boards, which affects heat dissipation. And it is easy to block the channel.

(2) Add a bypass pipe between the inlet and outlet of the plate cooler. By controlling the amount of water in the control valve and the plate cooler, the resistance requirements of the system to the plate cooler are met. The water flowing through the bypass pipe is mixed with the water at the outlet of the plate cooler to reach the water supply temperature required by the system.

(3) The cross-sections of hot and cold circulation vary. At present, many heat dissipation situations are different in the amount of heat treatment on both sides. This method can adjust the heat flow rate between the two sides of the plate by adjusting the cross-sectional area of the cold and hot sides of the plate cooler. It can increase the convective heat transfer coefficient of the medium flow side to achieve the purpose of increasing the heat dissipation of the whole machine.