How to effectively clean the plate heat exchanger

  Plate heat exchangers are available for manual and in-place cleaning. If possible, use a local cleaning system whenever possible. Because the in-situ cleaning system can pump water (or cleaning solution) into the inside of the unit, there is no need to disassemble the heat exchanger. When How to effectively clean the plate heat exchangerthe process liquid in the device is corrosive. After completing a working cycle, the residual liquid should be drained through the drain to avoid corrosion of the plate. When cleaning the plate heat exchanger, How to effectively clean the plate heat exchanger?

(1) Discharge the liquid in and out of the nozzle on both sides of the plate heat exchanger. If the drain is not exhausted, the process liquid can be forcibly flushed out with water.

(2) Rinse from both sides of the heat exchanger with warm water of about 43 ° C until the effluent water becomes clear and does not include process fluid.

(3) The flushed water is discharged from the plate heat exchanger and connected to the local cleaning pump.

(4) To be cleaned, the cleaning solution is allowed to flow from the bottom to the top of the sheet, and the surface of the sheet is wetted with a cleaning solution. When cleaning the multi-flow heat exchanger, the cleaning fluid should be reversely flowed for a long time to wet the surface of the multi-flow plate.

(5) After cleaning with the in-situ cleaning solution, rinse it off with clean water.