How to Disassemble Plate Heat Exchanger

How to Disassemble Plate Heat Exchanger

(1) Before disassembling the plate heat exchanger, measure the compaction length of  the plate pack first, and make a record (this size should be used when reassembling);

(2) Remove the clamping bolt and all heat exchange sheets;

(3) Remove the sealing gasket on each plate. In order to prevent the screwdriver from piercing the plate , the liquid nitrogen quenching method may be adopted to rapidly deform the rubber strip and then torn off;

(4) cleaning the residual adhesive in the sealing groove to clean the dirt on the plate;

(5) Check the heat transfer plate for cracks or perforations by light or penetration. Check the plate for pits or deformations;

(6) repair or replace the damaged plate;

(7) Reassembly. Before assembly, clean the sealing groove with acetone first, and use 401 adhesive to stick the sealing gasket horizontally;

(8) The plate of the sealing strip is glued, and each group of 50 pieces is pressed with a steel plate of 20~30mm, and cured in the range of ambient temperature of 30~35oC for 24h, which can be hanged;

(9) After the hanging piece is completed, gently press the cover at both ends and wear the fixing bolt;

(10) Evenly tighten the bolt with a torque wrench;

(11) measuring the total length of the sheet after assembly and compaction;

(12) Install the inner and outer bushings;

(13) Overall pressure test. First,closed the inlet pipe of the fluid passage on one side of the plate, fill it with water, then add a blind plate with a venting short pipe on the working medium passage outlet pipe on the other side of the plate, and install a pressure gauge on the pressure test side. After filling with water, press the pump with a pressure of 1.5 times the operating pressure and keep it for 30 minutes. It can be connected outer tube if the pressure don’t reduce.