How to design and choose steam water heat exchanger

  The heat exchange element of the bellows-type steam-to-water heat exchanger uses stainless steel variable cross-section bellows. The heat How to design and choose steam water heat exchangerexchange tube has the function of changing the medium flow state, forming strong medium disturbance inside and outside the tube, reducing the thickness of the stagnation layer, and forming sufficient turbulence. Compared with traditional smooth tube heat exchange tubes, the heat exchange efficiency is improved by 2-3 times. Because the corrugated heat exchange tube has a relatively large diameter and automatic axial compensation, it ensures that the heat exchange tube is not easily fouled and clogged, which reduces pressure loss, automatically compensates for thermal stress, and reduces equipment maintenance costs. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel components increases the service life of the equipment, and the overall efficiency is high, so as to achieve the effect of reducing costs and saving investment.

  The selection of steam-water heat exchangers should consider the design pressure, working temperature, working medium, and the actual maximum required heat exchange and pressure loss. Whether the on-site installation conditions allow the use of slender heat exchangers, so as to improve the full exchange of media Time and process.