How to deal the outer leakage of plate type heat exchangers

  The outleakage of the plate heat exchanger is mainly leakage (small amount, discontinuous water droplets) and leakage (large amount, outer leakage of plate type heat exchangerscontinuous water droplets). The main part of the external leakage is the seal between the plate and the plate, the two sealing leaking groove parts of the plate and the inner side of the end plate and the pressing plate.

1. There are four main reasons for the leakage of the plate heat exchanger: (1) The tightening size of the heat exchanger is not in place, the size is not uniform, or the bolt is loosened.(2) Part of the gasket is out of the sealing groove, the main sealing surface of the gasket is dirty, the gasket is damaged or the heat exchange sealing gasket is aged.(3) The heat exchanger plate is deformed and disassembled to cause a running rubber gaskets. (4) There are cracks in the sealing groove portion or the secondary sealing portion of the pate type heat exchanger plate.

2. Treatment method for leakage of medium in plate heat exchanger

(1) In the no-pressure state, re-clamp the equipment according to the clamping dimensions provided by the manufacturer, and the dimensions should be uniform. The deviation of the compression size shall not exceed ±0.2N (mm), and the parallelism between the two compression plates shall be kept within 2mm. 

(2) Mark the outer leakage part of the heat exchanger, disassemble the heat exchanger, check the plate and the rubber pad one by one, and then reassemble or replace the gasket and the plate.

(3) Disassemble the plate heat exchanger, repair the plate deformation parts or replace the new plates. When there is no spare part for the plate, the deformed plate can be temporarily removed and reassembled.