How to cool the plate heat exchangers

  The plate heat exchanger water transpiration air conditioner adopts the principle of water transpiration effect and completes the cooling by How to cool the plate heat exchangersphysical methods. It uses a wet curtain as a cooling medium, and water flows evenly from the top of the wet curtain along the ripple surface of the wet curtain, so that the wet curtain is uniformly wet from top to bottom.When the fan draws air, pressure occurs, forcing unsaturated air to flow through the porous wetted curtain surface.A small amount of damp heat in the air is converted into latent heat, forcing the air entering the room to increase from dry-bulb temperature close to wet-bulb temperature, adding humidity to the air, which plays a role in cooling and humidifying. Water transpiration air conditioner features:

(1) Environmental protection: Energy-saving and environmental-friendly air conditioners are environmentally friendly products without compressors, Freon-free refrigerants, and no purification.

(2) Low investment cost: The cooling capacity of one machine can cover about 100m2, and the power consumption of each machine is only 1.1KW. The equipment investment is controlled by 35% of traditional air conditioners, and the power consumption is only 1/10 of that of traditional air conditioners.

(3) Silent and warm: small oscillation and low noise.

(4) Intelligent control: it has the function of water shortage alarm and automatic opening and closing of pumps, automatic drainage and automatic cleaning.

(5) High efficiency: According to the climatic conditions in different places, the cooling effect of 8-15 ℃ can be achieved.