How to clean plate type heat exchangers

How to clean the plate type heat exchangers?

(1) The simplest method of cleaning a plate heat exchanger is to clean it with an iron brush to remove the dirt. However, this type of cleaning How to clean plate type heat exchangersmethod can easily cause damage to the heat exchanger plate and consume a lot of manpower. At the same time, the sheet brushed by the iron is more likely to cause dirt because it produces a lot of scratches.

(2) Cleaning the plate heat exchanger with oxalic acid or formic acid, which not only protects the rubber strips and sheets inside but also reduces labor costs. Because the hydrogen ions contained in the acid can chemically react with the carbonates, calcium salts and magnesium salts in the soil, the dirt is converted into a soluble substance, thereby achieving the purpose of removing the dirt.

(3) If a large amount of sedimentary dirt is generated in the plate type heat exchanger, it should be dismantled in strict accordance with the steps of installation and disassembly. Put the disassembled plate into the sink, add the appropriate amount of oxalic acid for soaking, soak for about 4 hours, remove it with a bamboo brush, wipe it with water, then soak it with 2% trisodium phosphate solution for about one hour. After being taken out, washed and dried, it can be reinstalled.