How To Clean Plate Type Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Please follow the next sequency to do plate heat exchanger cleaning after disassemble

1 Using the soft brush and running water to clean the phe plate one by one 

2.Taking care about a solid body that can be attached between channel plate gasket and gasket plate that can Occur gasket damage and leaking as well

3. Clean the plate cooler gaskets using cloth

4. Don’t use steel brush that brings about corrosion by scretching the surface .if it’s Necessary us stainless steel brush

5. In using brine or corrosion liquid.must be inspection of the corrosion or scale on the surface.The more check it in initial time and the end.

6. Remove Ca deposition

(1) Submerged the heating plate in nitric acid(Nitric acid of specific gravity 1.4 1L+water 10L) for 5-10 minutes at normal temp and wash out with water

(2) After this acidation treatment,neutralize it with a soda solution and wash it with water