How to choose the cooler of hydraulic press

  Most of the energy loss of the hydraulic machine during the working process is converted into heat energy, which causes the temperature of the How to choose the cooler of hydraulic presshydraulic oil to increase.If the oil temperature is too high, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil, volumetric efficiency and working efficiency of the hydraulic system will all decrease, the leakage will increase, and even the mechanical equipment will not work properly. The system is severely leaking.Therefore, hydraulic machines often need to be equipped with industrial coolers. Industrial coolers include industrial air coolers, industrial water coolers, oil / water air coolers, industrial oil coolers, tube coolers, and plate coolers. The cooling capacity of these coolers is expressed in multiple unit systems, such as: w / oC, Kcal / h, W, cal / s, m2.

  The selection of cooler requires more professional knowledge, rich design experience and practical test.The cooler selection calculation is difficult for unfamiliar engineering and technical personnel, and it is often easy to make mistakes or improper selection (too large or too small).Different types of coolers use different unit systems to express cooling capacity, which often makes it difficult for technicians to make correct selection calculations.Most of the cooler selection methods are based on the previous successful cases. The input power of the hydraulic machine has changed, the volume of the oil tank has changed, the throttle flow of the system is different, and the working conditions of the hydraulic machine are different. It is not applicable to apply the previous structural model.

  The normal working temperature of hydraulic oil of hydraulic press is generally 50 ℃ 55 ℃. If it exceeds 55 ℃, it will automatically alarm to remind the user that the cooler needs to be opened.Most small and medium-sized hydraulic presses use plate coolers, which are cost-effective. Small hydraulic presses or hydraulic systems with low system power use air coolers or tube coolers. Large hydraulic presses consume more power, work faster, have longer pressurization strokes, and have a higher calorific value. Therefore, it is equipped with industrial oil cooler, which has good cooling effect, but the cost is higher.