How to choose a plate heat exchanger brand

No matter you buy any product, you want to buy a cost-effective product. The contract value involved in the heat exchanger industry is large, and the person in charge of purchasing is even more careful when purchasing. So how to How to choose a plate heat exchanger brandchoose the brand of plate heat exchanger?

(1) The brand of plate heat exchanger

The quality and after-sales service of the brand are unmatched by small manufacturers. When choosing a brand, you still have to choose a brand according to your purchasing budget. If the budget is high, you can choose an international brand, if the budget is tight, you can choose a joint venture brand or a domestic premium brand.

(2) The technology of heat exchanger manufacturers

After choosing the corresponding brand, it is to compare and confirm which brand's parameters are more suitable for your working conditions, or more conducive to your future maintenance and repair. Plate heat exchangers are divided into detachable and welded. If some harsh working conditions, plate exchange cannot be satisfied. At this time, it is necessary to choose a welded plate heat exchanger. When comparing such technologies, it is even more important to choose a brand with certain strength.

(3) The price of plate heat exchanger

The price of international brands is usually more than double that of joint venture and domestic brands. Under the premise that the technical parameters are all the same, we think we might as well choose domestic and joint ventures. After all, the most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable for you, and the most cost-effective is the best.

(4) After-sales service of the manufacturer

Many purchasing managers do not consider regional issues when purchasing. When after-sales issues arise, regional issues become extremely serious. Some foreign brands do not have factories or complete distributor systems in China. When after-sales problems arise, they either ask the manufacturers for instructions or shirk them. After-sales service is also a point worth paying attention to when making inquiries.