How to check the failure of plate heat exchangers

  The gasketed plate heat exchanger is formed by a plurality of stamped corrugated sheets at regular intervals, surrounded by gaskets, and pressed How to check the failure of plate heat exchangersby a frame and a compression screw. The four corner holes of the plate and the gasket form the fluid piping and the collecting pipe.At the same time, the hot and cold fluids are reasonably separated, so that they flow in the flow channels on both sides of each plate and exchange heat through the plates. How to check the failure of the detachable plate heat exchanger?

(1) Check the gaskets and joints on the last metal plate to see if there are any misplacements, chores, cracks or other damage.

(2) Check whether the movable cover is unevenly loaded, or there is debris attached to the plate, so that the connection between the gasket and the adjacent surface may be damaged.

(3) Check the metal plate itself for cracks or holes