How to check plate heat exchanger after repair

  The plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, small pressure drop, compact structure, light weight, small space How to check plate heat exchanger after repairoccupation, convenient combination of area and process, strong versatility of parts, wide choice of materials and easy realization of large-scale production.

It is widely used in food, machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical and shipbuilding. Some faults will occur When it is used. It needs to be inspected after the repair of the fault, then How to check the plate heat exchanger after repair?

1.Naked cold

(1) After the overhaul of the plate heat exchanger, the bare cold test shall be carried out and carried out according to the rules of the equipment skill file or the bare cold plan.

(2) Check the low temperature deformation and compensation function of equipment, piping, valves during the bare cold test. According to the situation of frosting, distinguish whether there is leakage and mark the leaked part.

2. Check plate heat exchanger

(1) After the repair of the heat exchanger, all inspections are carried out.

At the end of all repair projects, the repair quality needs to arrive. All repair items should have any necessary repair records. When the project is handed over for inspection, the construction unit should supply the necessary work materials according to the repair contents.(2) The site should be cleaned up.