How Plate Type Heat Exchanger Works

      Plate & frame heat exchanger is a perfect heat exchange equipment of liquid to liquid and liquid to steam.It’s a new type of efficient heat exchanger which is consist of many corrugated shape metal heat exchange plate. plate and frame exchanger have good advantage in many types of plate coolers because of its unique structure. Then how a plate heat exchanger works?

     The removable plate heat exchanger is formed with plurality of pressing corrugated sheet at regular intervals, surrounded by a plate cooler gasket and pressed together with frame and compression screw.The four corners of the heat transfer plate and the heat gasket form the fluid distributing and collecting pipe which separate the hot and cold fluid at the same time. Hot and cold fluid are flow in the channel of each plate.So Heat exchange happen at each exchanger plate.

     Plate exchanger is made of thin metal plate which is compressed into a certain corrugated shape of the heating plate, which is stacked and made by frame and bolts. It form a thin rectangular channel between PHE plate,then heat exchange happen through plate heat exchanger plates.The working fluid flows through the narrow and tortuous channel between two gasket plate. The hot and cold fluid pass through the heat exchanger channel in turn. A compartment heat exchanger plate in the middle for separating the fluid and heat transfer through the PHE plate. The structure and heat transfer principle of plate type heat exchanger determines its characteristics- such as compact structure, small footprint, high heat transfer efficiency, high operational flexibility, wide application range, small heat loss, easy installation and cleaning.