How many installation methods of stainless steel plate heat exchanger

  The stainless steel plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of plates, sealing gaskets, fixed compression plates, movable compression plates, How many installation methods of stainless steel plate heat exchangerinlet and outlet flanges, clamping bolts, upper guide rods, lower guide rods and columns.The plate heat exchanger is assembled by many plates. The plate has four corner holes for the two liquids for heat transfer. The plates are installed in a frame with fixed and movable compression plates, and clamped Tighten the bolts.The first type is a plate heat exchanger without a saddle bracket. The heat exchanger should be installed on a brick saddle foundation. The installed plate heat exchanger does not need to be fixed to the foundation at this moment. The entire plate change can move freely as the expansion changes.The second type is the replacement of boards with saddle supports. Concrete should be laid on the foundation first, and the saddle supports should be completely fixed to the ground concrete with anchor bolts after they are completely dry.During the installation of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger, sufficient space should be left at the front and rear ends of the heat exchanger for maintenance and cleaning.The heat exchanger must not be operated under conditions that exceed the nameplate. The temperature and pressure of the heat exchanger medium must be inspected and analyzed to prevent abnormal operation of the heat exchanger.