How long does the plate heat exchanger need to be maintained

  Plate heat exchangers should be regularly repaired in addition to maintenance under special circumstances.Because the plate heat exchanger is How long does the plate heat exchanger need to be maintainedeasy to assemble and disassemble, it is easy to maintain and does not require special tools and equipment.Different methods can be used according to different situations. If the equipment does not leak, but the heat transfer system K has decreased, the heat exchanger can be disassembled, and the descaling liquid is driven into the equipment for several hours with a closed circuit system. The problem can be solved.If you disassemble the equipment or find that the scale is not too serious, you can rinse off the water without removing the plate and brush it with a soft brush.Plate heat exchanger normal operation and maintenance time:

(1) For equipment requiring maintenance, the heat exchanger shall be dismantled in reverse according to the installation sequence.

(2) Equipment used in the petroleum and chemical industries shall be regularly repaired according to the maintenance period.

(3) If the medium in the equipment is a flammable, explosive or corrosive medium, it should be repaired at least once a year.

(4) Plate heat exchangers used in other industries, if no leakage occurs, it is best to repair once in three years.