How Does Plate Heat Exchanger Work

    The plate heat exchanger is composed of a set of rectangular thin metal heat transfer plates, and the phe plate is clamped and assembled on the frame by tightening bolts. The edges of the two adjacent plates are sealed with phe gaskets.  Usually the material of the gasket is composed of various rubber or compressed asbestos, etc. Gasket is selected according to different treatment media. Four corners of the plate are opened with round holes, and gaskets are assembled to form fluid passages. The fluid medium with different temperatures flows from both sides of the plate respectively, so that heat is exchanged through the plate gasket.

    Flat plate heat exchanger plate is thin and the thickness is 0.5-3mm, Usually its surface is pressed into a variety of corrugated or groove type.Not only to enhance the strength of the plate, but also can change the flow of fluid.Enhance the degree of fluid turbulence and increase the heat transfer efficiency