How Do Plate Heat Exchangers Work

  The main components of plate heat exchanger include frame plate,support column ,connections,carrying bar,guiding bar,moveable plates ,plate gaskets and tightening bolts.

  The package of plates are pressed together by the frame plate, pressure plate and tightern bolts.the holes at the corners form continuous tunnels or manifolds,leading the media(which participate in the heat tansfer process) from the inlets into the plate pack, where they are distributed in the narrow channels between the plates.The PHE gaskets arrangment on the plates to seal and separate two kings of media, two fluids enter alternate channel(Hot liquid between even number passages and cold liquid between odd numer passages. Thus the fluid are separated by a thin metal wall. In most of cases the liquids flow in opposite directions.

  During the passage through the equipment ,the warmer fluid will give some of its heat energy to the thin wall, which instantly looses it again to the colder fluid on the other side. The warmer fluid drops in temperature, while the cooler on is heated up.Then the fluid are led into similar hole -tunnels at the other end of plates and discharged from the heat exchanger.