Heat exchanger unit maintenance

   Under the control of the temperature control valve, the hot coal is sent to the plate heat exchanger unit according to the flow required by the heating system. The heat exchanger heats the heating (air conditioning) of the hot user indirectly by heat exchange; the heated water flows through the stainless steel core. The sewage device is then heated by the circulation pump into the heat exchanger for use by the user, and the cycle is repeated. The primary heat medium returns to the heating pipe network after the heat exchange of the plate heat exchanger unit. The water loss of the system is automatically supplemented by the make-up water pump according to the set pressure to ensure stable and normal operation of the system pressure. Such a device is more stable than the previous heat exchanger, and the efficiency is much higher than that of a single heat exchanger, and the number of plate heat exchangers can be increased according to the demand on the unit, such as a group of 2 machines, a group of 3 Machines etc., can be flexibly increased, so that you can achieve better results and achieve your goals.

(1) After the heat exchanger unit has been running for a period of time, there is a shortage of heat transfer, and the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the plate heat exchanger has increased significantly. We should timely clean the plate heat exchanger.

(2)Cut off the unit's inlet and outlet during the winter when the heat exchanger unit is shut down, and drain the water inside the machine to prevent freezing cracks.

(3)Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning work of the temperature control valve, water pump and electric control cabinet to keep it clean and dry.

(4). Always maintain and clean the heat exchanger unit, and always check whether the heat exchanger unit is working properly, whether the temperature control and pressure control are normal.

(5) After long-term continuous operation, since the deposits in the fluid accumulate on the surface of the plate, the thermal resistance is increased, and the heat transfer efficiency is lowered, and the maintenance personnel should periodically clean and maintain.

(6)When repairing, if you need to replace the gasket, first clean the plate with acetone or ethyl acetate, then apply the adhesive to the gasket and the gasket separately. After the drying, the gasket is embedded in the groove. Inside, the area is evenly flattened and assembled in a few hours.