How many types of heat exchangers are there

Heat Exchanger types

(1)Regenerative heat exchanger

  The regenerative heat exchanger is a device for regenerative heat exchange. It contains solid fillers for storing heat. Generally, it is made of fire bricks (such as metal corrugated strips). The first stage, the hot gas passes through the fire lattice, and the heat is transferred to the fire lattice to store it. In the second stage, the cold gas is heated by the fire lattice and receives the heat saved by the fire lattice.Usually two regenerators are used alternately, that is, when hot gas enters one, cold gas enters the other. It is often used in the metallurgical industry such as the regenerator of steel-making furnaces. It is also used in the chemical industry such as air preheater or combustion chamber in gas furnace, regenerative cracking furnace in artificial oil plant.

(2)Hybrid heat exchanger can be divided into cooling towers (or cold water towers), gas scrubbing towers (or scrubbers), jet heat exchangers, hybrid condensers.

(3)Split wall heat exchanger.

  The partition wall heat exchanger can be divided into jacketed heat exchanger, immersed coil heat exchanger, spray heat exchanger, casing heat exchanger and shell-and-tube heat exchanger.