Heat exchanger plate dislocation

   Generally, the cause of the dislocation of the plate heat exchanger is nothing more than a multi-pass combination and long-term use. At the same time, the flow and pressure of the medium change greatly. The plate heat exchanger cannot resist the pressure at this time, which may cause deformation of the plate, and the gasket slides away from the plate spacer groove.

   The damaged plate and the leaking plate can be taken out in pairs. If the quantity is not too much, the number of reduced flow paths is not much, and the use continues after assembly, which has little effect on production. This means that the equipment cannot be replaced at the site, and the equipment cannot be shut down. If conditions permit, replace and maintain.

   The gasket of the plate heat exchanger slides away from the gasket groove. To deal with this misplace, the deformed plate and the gasket sliding off the gasket groove should be replaced in time.After the plate is misplaced, sometimes there is a leak outside; some are not immediately leaking, but it is a hidden danger of leakage, so it must be dealt with in time. The equipment needs to be  maintained during operation.