Heat Exchanger Plate Corrosion

   The stress corrosion of the plate heat exchanger plate is a crack generated under the combined influence of residual stress, external force and corrosion . This kind of break is agile and suddenly generated without any deformation of the plate. Therefore, stress corrosion is one of the most 

Heat Exchanger Plate Corrosioncorrupted states of persecution. Austenitic stainless steel, copper alloy, titanium alloy, high-strength steel and high-strength aluminum alloy commonly used in engineering are sensitive to stress corrosion. These data can cause stress corrosion even in the case of less corrosive conditions, such as water containing a large amount of Cl-, humid atmosphere and distilled water. In the heat exchanger, because the plate and the plate, the plate bundle and the adapter plate, the adapter plate and the pipe side end plate, the end plate and the casing, the baffle and the bundle, the tube side end plate and the plate must be welded, and there is a large residual stress in the production process of the plate heat exchanger, which provides a premise for generating stress corrosion.