Heat Exchanger Penetration

  The heat exchanger tube sheets are corroded by water, cavitation and trace chemical media. Leakage often occurs at the welds of the tube Heat Exchanger Penetrationsheets, resulting in mixing of water and chemical materials.The production process temperature is difficult to control, resulting in the production of other products, which seriously affect the quality of the product.Through the corrosion resistance and erosion resistance of polymer composite materials,The protection of the new heat exchanger in advance, not only effectively manages the weld seam and blisters in the new heat exchanger, but also avoids the corrosion of the metal surface and the weld point of the plate heat exchanger after use.

  In the case of regular maintenance of the heat exchanger, it is also possible to apply a polymer composite material to protect the exposed metal. Even if leakage occurs after use, it can be repaired to avoid prolonged weld repair and affect production.