Heat exchanger introduction

With the advent of the heating season, a heat exchanger called "heater" is quietly popular. This type of device is called "heat exchanger". Because of its function and working principle, it is commonly known as "over". Water heat and "heater". This device is installed between the heating pipe and the water pipe to turn the cold tap water into free hot water.

Heat exchanger principle

The principle of the heater is to use the heat of the high temperature hot water to heat the tap water. The hot water is hot, the water temperature is high, and the temperature difference between the hot water and the hot water is about 5 °C. The heating and hot water quickly circulate, providing a constant heat. It can supply clean hot water continuously throughout the day.

Heat exchanger structure

There are three types of heat exchangers, namely plate heat exchangers, radiator heat exchangers and brazed plate heat exchangers. The heat exchanger is volumey and can store a certain amount of water inside. The larger the number of pieces, the larger the volume of water stored inside. If the number of pieces reaches 100, it can store a quarter of water. These stored water exchange heat for a long time inside and in the heating water, and the temperature will be very close to the heating water temperature.

In some hardware wholesale markets, you can see a variety of "heat exchangers". These "heat exchangers" have the appearance of heating, some like an iron box, the interface is on the same side, and there are also on the opposite side, the number of pieces varies, can be selected according to individual needs, and even can be customized.