Gas water heat exchanger

  The steam-water heat exchanger is composed of a plate-type heat exchanger with a cooling and pressure reducing device. Use a regulator to carry out primary heat transfer of high steam or high temperature water to below 150 ℃.and enter the plate heat exchanger for heat exchange, suitable for high temperature steam and high temperature water (above 150℃). This type of device plate heat exchanger has the advantages of both temperature reduction and pressure reducer. The heat exchanger is more fully exchanged for heat.

  Classification of steam-water heat exchangers:

   (1) According to the working principle: partition type, mixed type. The solid wall separates the heat medium from the heated cold water, and the heat exchange device that transfers energy through convection and heat conduction is called a wall-mounted heat exchanger. A device in which a heat medium is in direct contact with heated water and is mixed with each other for heat exchange and mass exchange is called a hybrid heat exchanger.

   (2) According to the storage volume: volumetric, semi-volume, semi-thermal and fast.

   (3) According to the form of heat exchanger: tube type, fixed U-tube type and floating coil type.

   (4) According to the number of heat transfer tubes: single tube bundle, double tube bundle, multi tube bundle.

   (5) According to the heat exchanger structure: shell-and-tube type, plate type, spiral plate type.

   (6) According to the placement of the heat exchanger: horizontal and vertical.