Fully welded plate heat exchanger operation

When using the welded heat exchanger, you should pay attention to the following points:

(1) Before using the welding heat exchanger, the debris in the heat exchanger pipe should be removed to prevent blockage.

(2)  When using the welding heat exchanger, It must follow the starting principlefrom small flow, low pressure and low temperature, and generally the cold fluid valve is opened first, then the hot fluid valve is opened, (the valve of cold and hot fluid can also be opened at the same time, but for the high temperature heat fluid, it should be cold before hot to open the valve). In the case of stable operation, no leakage and no abnormality, gradually increase the opening degree of the valve and raise the parameter value required by the process flow. Violation and over-design of design pressure and design temperature.

(3) When the plate heat exchanger is stopped, the principle of gradually reducing the valve opening degree must also be followed, and generally the hot fluid valve is closed first, then the cold fluid valve is closed (the valve of the hot and cold fluid can also be gradually closed at the same time, but for For hot fluids with higher temperatures, it is best to close the valve after hot and cold.)

(4) If the welding heat exchanger is deactivated for a long time, the internal materials should be drained and rinsed to prevent the residual material from corroding the plates and affect the service life of the equipment.