Fully welded plate heat exchanger

Structural features and application of all-welded plate heat exchanger

   The heat exchange plate of the all-welded plate heat exchanger is made of special stainless steel and pressed by a special mold. The surface is smooth and not easy to scale. Its unique corrugated design allows the fluid to generate turbulence at lower flow rates, with high heat transfer efficiency. The entire plate bundle is made of argon arc welding using bulk material. Does not use any non-metallic sealing material, so it has high temperature and pressure resistance.

  1.Fully welded plate heat exchanger features:

  (1)Compact structure, small floor space, high heat exchange efficiency, high pressure bearing capacity (up to 4.0Mpa), high temperature resistance (the highest temperature can reach 250~300°C), and reliable operation.

  (2)High heat transfer efficiency: the heat exchange of the medium in the heat exchanger is realized by the bundle of plates, and the plates constituting the bundle are pressed and formed by a special mold, and the structure is similar to the ordinary detachable plate heat exchanger, and has heat transfer. High efficiency, large flow, small pressure drop, and low heat loss.

  (3)Flexible and convenient:  A set of molds can be used to suppress plates of different lengths, form different specifications of the bundle, to form the same width product series, more specifications and models, choose a large space, can better meet the working conditions.

  (4)A wide range of applications: the beam and compression plate are all welded structure, can be in the temperature ≤ 300 ° C, pressure ≤ 4.0Mpa or working medium corrosion of the gasket and flammable, explosive, toxic medium And the environment requires high safety in the production process of vapor condensation, liquid medium cooling, heating, evaporation and other conditions of safe and stable operation. Therefore, it has the advantages of a detachable plate heat exchanger and the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure.

  2.All welded plate heat exchanger applications:Crude oil, natural gas purification treatment and chemical products; chemical industry; pharmaceuticals and specific chemicals; injection control systems; HVAC refrigeration; district heating, thermal power plants; food processing; cooling tower heat recovery; petrochemical; heating; Bioenergy; refining; power plants; high temperature and high pressure industries.