Convective heat transfer of plate heat exchanger

  In general, the heat exchange operation of both hot and cold media in the plate heat exchanger is mostly realized by convection heat transfer. This Convective heat transfer of plate heat exchangertechnology is helpful for realizing the heat exchange effect of the plate heat exchanger.

  Due to the different flow dynamics of the cold and hot media in the plate heat exchanger, the convective heat transfer will also be different.The convective heat transfer of the heat exchanger can be divided into two types: natural convection heat transfer and forced convection heat transfer.Natural convection heat transfer is because the temperature of each part of the two media is different, so that the density of the medium is different, and then the flow heat exchange is generated.The forced convection heat transfer is the heat exchange generated by the fluid flowing under the external force of a pump or a fan. In general, when the flow is forced, the flow rate of the liquid is higher than that at the free flow, so the forced flow convection heat exchange system is higher.

  There are many factors affecting the convective heat transfer of plate heat exchangers, such as the shape and size of the heat exchanger, and the flow pattern of the fluid. The numerical value of the convective heat transfer system reflects the strength of convective heat transfer.