Arrangement of heat exchanger tubes

  A reasonable arrangement of the heat exchanger tubes will increase its use.Moreover, the effects produced by different arrangements may be  Arrangement of heat exchanger tubesdifferent, so when purchasing a heat exchanger, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the arrangement of the tubes in which it is used.The arrangement of the tubes of the heat exchanger on the tube sheets not only takes into account the compactness of the equipment, but also the properties of the fluid, the structural design and the manufacturing and manufacturing aspects.

(1) The equilateral triangle and the equilateral triangle arrangement are suitable for the case where the shell-side medium is cleaned and no mechanical cleaning is required.

(2) The square and the corner square arrangement can make the small bridge between the tubes form a straight channel, which is convenient for cleaning by machinery, and is generally used for the occasion where the tube bundle can be taken out between the tubes for cleaning.

The four different arrangements have different advantages in use, so that the understanding of the heat exchanger will be more clear, and it will be convenient to work when cleaning the pipe.