Advantages of plate heat exchangers

Advantages of plate heat exchangers

(1) The space occupied by the compact plate type cooker is one of the smaller types of heat exchangers.

(2) The heat transfer system is high. Since the medium flowing in the plate group has a low Reynolds number (Re), then eddy current can be formed, and the smooth plate is less likely to generate dirt, so that the heat transfer efficiency is very high.

(3) High heat recovery rate Due to high heat transfer coefficient, excellent flow ratio characteristics, and complete reverse flow, the heat transfer temperature difference can be selected very low, so it is very suitable for low-level heat recovery.

(4) Adaptable large detachable and semi-welded plate heat exchangers have unparalleled adaptability.

(5) The medium is not mixed and does not leak. The plate heat exchanger gasket system has excellent design and is an important factor to ensure that it does not leak into the atmosphere under normal operating conditions and does not mix with each other.

(6) Saving investment plate heat exchanger has compact structure, light weight, high heat transfer efficiency, low unit consumption surface and low cost, reduced maintenance cost, construction cost etc.