Plate Heat Exchanger Construction
Plate Heat Exchanger Construction
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  The plate heat exchanger consists of a set of corrugated gold plates. The holes in the plate are used for the two liquids for heat transfer. The metal plate is installed in a frame with a fixed plate and a movable compression plate, and is clamped with a clamping bolt. The sealing gasket on the plate seals the liquid channels and directs the fluid to alternately flow into the respective channels. The metal plate and the movable compression plate are installed on the suspension beam and positioned by the lower guide rod, and the rod end is fixed on the support column. If one or two liquids pass through the heat exchanger more than once, the interface should be opened on the fixed plate and the movable pressure plate.The plate heat exchanger is composed of a fixed pressure plate, a pillar, an upper guide rod and a lower guide rod, and a movable pressure plate. A certain number of heat exchange plates are suspended between the fixed compression plate and the movable compression plate. Each heat exchange plate is equipped with a sealing gasket to ensure that the plate heat exchanger does not leak.

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