Plate Exchanger Design
Plate Exchanger Design
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  The stainless steel plate heat exchanger is a heat exchanger which is formed by pressing a thin stainless steel plate into a heat exchange plate having a certain shape and then laminating with a sealing pad.It mainly composed of heat transfer sheet, sealing rubber pad, clamping bolt, pressing plate, machine frame and other components. The hot cold heat medium flows through the respective channels through the adjacent heat exchange plates, and heat exchange is performed through a thin heat exchange plate in the middle, energy-efficient and high heat transfer coefficient, the use is safe and reliable, the structure is compact, the volume is small, and the space is small. The combination is flexible and the adjustment and maintenance are convenient.

  The stainless steel plate heat exchanger is a compact and efficient heat exchange equipment, but its heat exchange temperature is high, the internal flow aperture is small, and it is easy to scale, which causes the heat exchange efficiency of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger to decrease, thus affecting the normal production. It is safe to carry out and equipment, so it needs to be descaled by chemical cleaning.

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