Plate And Frame Exchanger
Plate And Frame Exchanger
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    The structure of the plate heat exchanger is relatively simple. It consists of plates, gaskets, fixed compression plates, movable compression plates, compression studs and nuts, upper and lower guides, and front pillars. The pressing plate, the guide rod, the pressing device and the front pillar are collectively referred to as a frame of the plate heat exchanger. All the plates arranged in a certain regularity are called bundles. Its small parts and high versatility are unmatched by any heat exchanger. The gasket is glued into the gasket groove of the plate.The plates with gaskets are placed between the fixed pressing plates and the movable pressing plates in a certain order, and the fixed pressing plates, the plates and the movable pressing plates are clamped by the pressing studs. plate and frame exchanger is widely use for food industry such as salt, dairy, soy sauce, vinegar sterilization, cooling, animal and vegetable oil heating, cooling, beer production, heating and cooling of beer, wort, sugar, gelatin concentration, sterilization, cooling, manufacturing sodium glutamate.

plate and frame exchanger