M6 MFG Plate Heat Exchanger
M6 MFG Plate Heat Exchanger
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  The M6MFG plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of a heat exchange plates, a sealing rubber gasket, a clamping plate, a guide rod and a clamping bolt. The heat exchanger plate is made of stainless steel and has four flow passage holes. The middle part is pressed with an herringbone ripple and has a sealing groove around it. A sealing gasket is adhered to the plate sealing groove. The heat exchange plates are aligned by two guide rods, and the two clamping plates press the plates through the clamping bolts to form a heat exchange passage of the heat exchanger inner cavity.Herringbone corrugated direction of adjacent heat exchanger plates is opposite when installed, the contact points support each other. The herringbone corrugations and these support points cause the turbulent flow to form a turbulent flow in the fluid medium, which increases the perturbation of the liquid, which is the main reason for the high heat exchange efficiency.

m6 mfg plate heat exchanger