Funke Plate Type Heat Exchanger
Funke Plate Type Heat Exchanger
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  The funke plate type heat exchanger is a type of high-efficiency plate heat exchanger. It has the advantage of high heat transfer coefficient; easy to repair, easy to clean, low fouling factor, compact structure, small footprint and light weight. The plate heat exchanger is made up of a number of heat exchanger plates (metal sheets stamped with corrugated grooves), sealed by sealing gaskets at regular intervals, and pressed by clamping studs. The holes in the corners form a continuous passage. The medium enters the passage from the inlet and is distributed into the flow passage between the heat exchange plates. Each plate has a gasket. The position between the plates is alternately placed, and the two fluids enter the respective channels. In general, the two media flow in countercurrent flow in the channel, the heat medium transfers the heat energy to the plates, and the plates transfer the heat energy to the cold medium on the other side, so that the temperature of the heat medium is lowered and cooled, and the temperature of the cold medium rises.

funke plate type heat exchanger