Funke Plate Heat Exchanger
Funke Plate Heat Exchanger
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  The research, production and manufacture of plate heat exchangers in China began in the 1960s. The wide application of plate heat exchangers has accelerated the rapid development of the plate heat exchanger industry in China, but there is still a big gap between the design of plate heat exchangers in China and developed countries. The plate heat exchanger consists of three main components: heat transfer plates, sealing gaskets, pressing devices and other components such as shafts and nozzles.

(1) The heat transfer plate is a key component of the plate heat exchanger. Herringbone plate, horizontal flat corrugated plate and zigzag plate are commonly use for plate heat exchangers.

(2) In order to prevent leakage of fluid and internal leakage between the two fluids, a gasket must be provided.It is installed in a sealed tank that is subjected to pressure and temperature during operation and is eroded by working fluids. The gasket of the plate heat exchanger is a key part.

(3) Compression device: It includes fixed and movable compression plates and compression bolts.It is used to press the gasket to produce sufficient sealing force so that the heat exchanger does not leak during operation, and the pressing force is generated by tightening the bolt.

Funke Plate Heat Exchanger