Alfa Laval Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Alfa Laval Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
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Working principle of brazed plate heat exchanger

The heat exchange area of the brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a thin metal plate stamped into a corrugated shape. The fluid flows through the channels between the plates through the arranged interface. The refrigerant and the heat medium always flow in opposite directions in adjacent channels for heat exchange. Because the edge of the plate of the brazed plate heat exchanger is welded, the medium will not flow out from the device. The contact point of the plates of the brazed plate heat exchanger is the welding point in order to withstand the pressure of the medium.

The Specification of brazed plate heat exchangers

Alfa Laval Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Installation of brazed plate heat exchanger

Before installing the brazed plate heat exchanger, heat insulation materials should be used to do heat insulation treatment to eliminate condensate. When installing the heat exchanger, you cannot use the connecting pipe to support and fix it. You must place the heat exchanger on the stand and tighten it with a metal clamp or pull rod.

Alfa Laval Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Brazed heat exchanger connection

When brazing the plate heat exchanger, it is necessary to keep the welding surface of the heat exchanger clean, free of dirt and grease.Before heating, the pipeline and the air in the heat exchange must be replaced with dry nitrogen, and a wet cloth containing water is wrapped around the root of the heat exchanger short tube to protect the heat exchanger.When brazing the connection, a special electrode with a silver content of more than 45% must be used. The flame must be a weak flame, so that the solder can be evenly fused into the stainless steel. At the same time, the heat exchanger connector only needs to be heated to the minimum temperature required for brazing, and it should be cooled quickly after brazing. The entire brazing and cooling process must be carried out under nitrogen protection.

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